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From the Julian Alps to the Rocky Mountains!

(The restaurant/kitchen that I rent to bake the Poticas has been sold, so there has been some added uncertainty about the continuation of the business going forward. 

A promotion and an increase in hours at work, as well as the consistent demands of grad school have also factored in, but it looks like I will be baking for Easter 2018.

FYI:  In the past, this business has served many purposes (connection to cultural roots, etc) and allowed me to fill a number of roles (support my ex-wife's career/primary care provider for my daughter/etc.) As part of a post-divorce transition/pivot, I have decided to pursue another graduate degree.  Due in large part to the amazing community of customers that I've had over the years, and their recent responses and reactions to this news when told privately,  I intend to continue to try to provide Potica for as long as I can continue to successfully the juggle what has become a very challenging schedule (two jobs, grad school, being a single dad, etc.).  Unfortunately, I will be operating on somewhat of a limited basis to accommodate other commitments and responsibilities.  I apologize in advance for the inconvenience.  

(As of 4/3, we are in good shape for Easter and will get all orders placed by 4/11/2017 out in time for Easter)

Click here to order Potica! 

Potica (pronounced Po-teet-sa) is an ethnic
nut and/or fruit roll dessert that is the cultural equivalent of apple pie within the Slovenian (formerly part of Yugoslavia) community.  Also known as Povitica in Croatia, this rich dessert is especially popular around most holidays.  Potica making is slowly becoming a lost art  as the younger generations assimilate into American society and regrettably allow their culture, and the art of the Potica, to slowly fade away.

Our family has been making Potica for hundreds of years. We continue to use our time-tested English Walnut recipe, but we have also added a few twists and given the Potica some interesting new  flavors.  We promise that  Rocky Mountain Potica uses only the freshest and finest ingredients when making your "made-to-order" Potica.  
This is why our loyal customers will only purchase potica
from Rocky Mountain Potica.

Now you can treat your family to an authentic, 
mouth-watering, Mountain-Made Potica for your special occasion any day of the year. Order some today and experience our unparalleled personal service and exceptional quality.  Try it, you won't be disappointed. We look forward to talking to you, emailing you and serving you!


Rocky Mountain Potica
P.O. Box 819
Evergreen, Co 80437

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