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About Us

  Rocky Mountain Potica is a Slovenian owned and operated business.  My family roots spawn from the heart of the Potica region: My grandparents, Mary Kajfez-Gornik and Ludvik Gornik immigrated from Slovenia, a province of what was formerly Yugoslavia.  My grandfather had an uncle (Frank Gozvoda) who lived in Cleveland and acted as a sponsor.  After  being processed  at  Ellis Island, my grandparents eventually settled in a Slovenian community located an hour north of Chicago.

My mother, Mary, vigorously worked to keep the Slovenian culture relevant in her children as we attempted to live  the typical  culturally-bleached,  fast-food American lifestyle.  As I entered adulthood, I began to appreciate and adopt not only her love of cooking, but also her fondness for our ethnicity and our culture.  

After ten years of working in the pharmaceutical printing industry, I enrolled in law school.  After a short stint practicing law, I decided to pursue my passion: cooking.  With the help of my mother, we created Rocky Mountain Potica, LLC.  

For centuries, our Slovenian ancestors baked Poticas in villages that were nestled into the Julian Alps.  Similarly,  Rocky Mountain Poticas are Mountain-made at a family owned business residing at 7,500 feet above sea level in Evergreen,  Colorado. This beautiful community is located in the foothills of the Eastern slope of the Rocky Mountains.

From our family to yours, we continue  the tradition of using only the finest ingredients to bring you the unmistakable look and taste of a delicious Potica.

Years ago, you  enjoyed Potica  when  your Grandma or Mom made it  for a special occasion.  But now, you can relive  your childhood memories and eat a tasty Potica any time of year. You can have your potica and eat it too!

Ok, now that we've told you about   Rocky Mountain Potica, please click on the "About You" page and tell us a little about you.  We look forward to hearing about you and your family, and your Potica memories.

                                                                                                                                                             Nick Carmody

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